Amenities at Le Piada

Your guests will immediately be impressed by the classic ambiance of Le Piada. Your more observant friends – with discriminating eyes – will be impressed by the attention to detail.

Parking is never a problem at Le Piada.

The Foyer is a perfect place for greeting guests or for ticket sales.

The Banquet Room is one of the most versatile facilities in middle Georgia. It can be arranged for banquet seating, dinner and dancing, conference seating or even subdivided for smaller groups. This beautifully decorated room, with an inset dance floor and movable stage, will accommodate almost any gathering.

is stylishly integrated into the decor of Le Piada. The excellent sound, lighting and media systems – including large, plasma screen television and high speed internet access – make it possible for you to get down to business or get down to your favorite music on the dance floor.

Restrooms are clean and creatively enhanced with art, foliage, custom wood trim and elegantly tiled floors.

The Food Preparation Area is equipped with industrial refrigeration and warming appliances, as well as, an ice machine. Private entrances, in the rear of the building, make this a convenient and inconspicuous area for your caterer. (If you have not chosen a caterer, we will be happy to provide a list of certified event planners and caterers at your request.)

Impress your guests at Le Piada.

Simply Elegant

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